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To learn how winners win, ask them. Political consultant and Fox News analyst Frank I. Luntz interviewed extraordinary winners, including many leaders from Forbes 400 and Fortune 500 companies. Luntz distills his discoveries down to nine basic principles that he calls “nine Ps of winning.” The politicians who hire Luntz’s consulting company, The Word Doctors, consider him a master propagandist. In his own words, “It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.” Luntz is a proven communicator, and getAbstract finds that his nine rules for winners can help businesspeople plan their communications to emerge victorious in today’s marketplace.


Ready to Grab the Brass Ring?

Winning demands special abilities. You must understand the human side of each situation and have the right chemistry to connect to people spontaneously. You need to know which questions matter and when to bring them up. You must create something new and have the vision to see solutions to life’s challenges. You should prioritize, accomplish more in a better way, persuade with power and move ahead when everyone else retreats. Be curious and passionate and love life. Trust in good fortune. And be willing to fail, pick yourself up and try again.

Winners are not like other people. As Tom Harrison, chairman and CEO of Diversified Agency Services, puts it, winners concentrate on their long-range goals, not on the roadblocks in front of them. Good is never enough; only extraordinary will do. Winners don’t make excuses. They are communicators who understand that the first words people speak are the most vital. A poor opening for your presentation – no matter what the format – means no one will be paying attention by the time you’re done.

To win, follow these guidelines, the “nine Ps of winning”:

1. “People-Centeredness”


About the Author

Dr. Frank I. Luntz is a Fox News commentator and the author of Words That Work.

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