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Winners Never Cheat

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Winners Never Cheat

Everyday Values We Learned As Children (But May Have Forgotten)

Wharton School Publishing,

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Kindergarten values – share, don't cheat, tell the truth – can make you a business leader. Now, go play well with others.

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No matter what business you’re in, these principles apply to your work and your life. None of them are new - honor, fairness, honesty and respect are as old as time - but this is a refresher course that reinforces what you already know about morality and ethics. Author and successful business leader Jon M. Huntsman can cite himself as living proof that you don’t need to compromise your core values to become a success - or even a billionaire. If you’re a leader or aspire to be a leader in any field, this quick read is well worth your time. getAbstract recommends it to help you focus on values that the modern world often tramples. The message is sweet, simple and clear: stick to your beliefs staunchly, even if it costs you in the short term, because character, integrity and long-term results are what really count.


Think Like a Child

When you were a child, you learned simple values such as play fair, be tough, give it all you’ve got, don’t cheat, share, tell the truth and keep your word. Continuing to live by those values, especially in business, will serve you well as an adult. Despite changes in society, you still know the difference between right and wrong. Even though a few "bad apples" make it look as if people today will do anything for money, "everyone" is not cheating, stealing or lying.

Standing up for your convictions in life and in the workplace takes courage, especially if others pressure you to abandon your ideals. But if you don’t stand up for what you believe, your conscience will gnaw at you. While certain actions or decisions may seem like the easier shortcut or may lead to a short-term advantage, any success they garner is temporary at best. In the end, cheaters never win and "winners never cheat."

Cheaters lose in the long run because they damage their character, credibility and integrity. People will not trust them or their companies. Long-term success requires lengthy, trusting relationships based on mutual respect. Protect your reputation as a good...

About the Author

Jon M. Huntsman is founder and chairman of Huntsman Corporation. His foundation supports the Huntsman Cancer Institute. He served as a special assistant to President Richard Nixon and is a board member of many organizations and corporations. He chairs the Board of Overseers for the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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    S. G. 3 years ago
    Me encanto este articulo, concreto y facil de poner en practica y reforzar lo que hemos aprendido dia a dia. No negocio mis valores

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