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With career stops at McKinsey and The New York Times, Anand Giridharadas’s resume places him securely among the global elite. But in this withering takedown of globalism, Giridharadas signals a sharp break with the conventional wisdom that embraces the wonders of the profit motive and the limited role of government. The plutocrats of Silicon Valley and the financiers of Wall Street claim that they value social justice and economic equality, but their blanket resistance to regulation or systematic reform tells a different story, Giridharadas argues. Indeed, the very elites paying homage to these ideals are driving the growing divides in American society. With elegant writing and plentiful reporting, Giridharadas makes a compelling and provocative case against the self-serving messages being peddled by the rich and powerful.

About the Author

Anand Giridharadas is the author of The True American and India Calling. A former New York Times correspondent, he teaches journalism at New York University.



Paradox Amid Prosperity

Giridharadas embarks on his argument by pointing out the rich-poor gap in America, a gap that continues to widen. This, he argues, is as obvious as it is paradoxical. Scientists make new breakthroughs in medicine and genetics, consistently, yet Americans’ overall health lags behind that of other rich nations. American innovators have used the Internet to create new ways to learn, yet student achievement remains moribund. Whole Foods and farmers’ markets make healthy fare widely available, yet many Americans live in food deserts or struggle with obesity. 

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