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Many salespeople don’t realize that selling to women requires a different approach than selling to men. If you’re among them, getAbstract says Delia Passi’s book is for you. Her main point is that women and men respond to different communication cues, so if you want women to buy your product, you must adjust your presentation. Passi’s book has its flaws: despite its welcome brevity, it is disorganized and repetitive, and she often promotes outdated stereotypes. Still, the book serves as a good reminder that you must pay attention to the communication style that your customers prefer - no matter what their gender.

About the Authors

Delia Passi is president of a marketing agency that helps companies reach women consumers and business owners. She also teaches sales representatives how to sell to women. She is the former vice president of the Working Woman Network and former group publisher of Working Woman and Working Mother magazines.



The Largest Market

Women are the largest consumer market in the world. They spend about $4 trillion annually. To sell to them successfully, learn how their communication style differs from that of men. For example, one study of 10,000 consumers found that women’s expectations of products and services differ from those of men, and that women have different decision-making patterns. To succeed with women, a brand must:

  • Meet high expectations.
  • Fulfill a community need.
  • Create a special feeling.

If you meet women’s criteria, they will become loyal customers who bring you new business through positive word-of-mouth.

Slow Down: Women Shopping Ahead

Many businesses have recognized the importance of the female market. They understand how women make decisions. However, the financial service, auto and home-improvement businesses lag behind other industries in reaching out to women. Salespeople in these fields are constantly surprised at women’s reactions to their language and behavior.

Men like to make decisions and solve problems quickly. Women, in contrast, may spend hours looking at products and gathering information without...

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