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World Economic Outlook Update, July 2017

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World Economic Outlook Update, July 2017

A Firming Recovery


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Faster global growth is starting to gain traction, according to this authoritative economic snapshot.

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While economic expansion in the United States persists stubbornly near 2% of annual GDP, global growth is accelerating. Professionals at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) present a mid-year update to their April 2017 World Economic Outlook, which identified a global economy that is gaining momentum but still has not fully recovered to pre-2008 levels. By July 2017, some nations had progressed enough to merit forecast increases for the year, while the prospects for others, such as the United States, are proving below par. getAbstract recommends this robust statistical offering to executives and economists for its authoritative take on the global economy.


With the global financial crisis long in the rearview mirror, economies are still feeling the downturn’s effects, as nations struggle to achieve their previous GDP growth levels. Amid the current backdrop of low energy prices, stable and subdued inflation, and strong bond and equity performance, 2017 world GDP growth is on pace to meet its 3.5% target. Specifically, the advanced economies will contribute a 2% increase, while the emerging countries will add 4.6%. Forecasts for 2018 deliver a similar narrative, with 3.6% total growth – 1.9% and 4.8% for the advanced and ...

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The IMF advises member nations on policy issues and works to promote economic stability and well-being.

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