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Worldwide Cost of Living 2018

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Worldwide Cost of Living 2018

Which global cities have the highest cost of living?


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Politics is one of the drivers of living costs in cities around the world.

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Decisions about where to live or do business are complex and filled with trade-offs. The 2018 edition of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual report on the cost of living around the world adds an accessible guide to the roster of resources. It clearly lays out rankings of major cities’ wallet-friendliness and identifies the important factors that determine living costs. getAbstract recommends it to executives charged with making corporate location choices and to those contemplating a move to another part of the world.


In 2018, for the fifth year running, Singapore takes the top position as the world’s most expensive of the 133 cities surveyed. Holding slots two through five are Paris, Zurich, Hong Kong and Oslo. Sydney has risen through the ranks to join Singapore and Seoul as the Asia-Pacific cities in the top ten, while Tokyo and Osaka have dropped out. European metropolises now account for half of the top ten’s priciest locales. New York City moved down four notches to 13th place due to a weaker dollar. Damascus, Caracas, Almaty, Lagos and Bangalore occupy the bottom five spots for living costs. Using New York...

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