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In this smart, casual conversation, futurist Tim O’Reilly and his interviewer, New York Times editor Charles Duhigg, sip wine and map the future. An involved audience keeps the discussion lively as O’Reilly describes a bright tomorrow given the right economic, business and educational reforms. Despite a moment of strong language, getAbstract suggests this talk to business leaders, investors, educators, economists and anyone who fears the rise of robots.


Americans fixate on job loss as the outcome of new technology. Society must broaden the narrative to acknowledge that tech allows companies “to do more,” which is why they succeed. Thus, society should be asking what technology will make possible. Already, artificial intelligence has permeated all industries, not just blue-collar work. Yet don’t blame tech for job loss; the blame lands squarely on human shoulders. “Robots are fundamentally stupid,” meaning they do only what people design them to do. Thus far, humans have largely used automation to replace jobs, a cost-cutting measure that makes the rich richer at workers’ expense. This is a dangerous trend: A workforce with no income would topple the economy. ...

About the Speaker

Futurist Tim O’Reilly is founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, publisher of thousands of tech titles.

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