You Have More Influence Than You Think
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You Have More Influence Than You Think

How We Underestimate Our Power of Persuasion, and Why It Matters

Vanessa BohnsW.W. Norton • 2021

Learn Your Own Power – and How to Use It for Good

by Patricia Sanders

Your actions, words and mere presence have an impact. An organizational psychologist reveals how to wield that power consciously.

Organizational psychologist Vanessa Bohns has delivered an unusual book on influence. Instead of teaching readers how to boost their influence and exert more interpersonal power, Bohns makes the case that people are constantly influencing one another in profound, powerful and not necessarily positive ways. To wield their power more purposefully, they need only recognize what’s already happening.

Bohns, a professor of organizational behavior at Cornell University, applies her background in psychology to the study of management and organizational behavior. Her studies in consent and compliance reveals surprising insights into everyday influence.

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