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Your body language reveals a lot about you, but can you change it to reframe people’s perceptions of you and, ultimately, alter your personality? Social psychologist Amy Cuddy addresses this question by explaining the power of nonverbal behavior. She passionately discusses her research and offers useful tips to help individuals change their lives in meaningful ways. In 2015, fellow academics questioned Cuddy’s findings, particularly the ability of “power poses” to alter hormone levels, and the conversation is ongoing within the scientific community. Nevertheless, Cuddy’s presentation will inspire all who seek a simple method to boost their confidence and feel more empowered.


Social scientists have long researched how your nonverbal behavior influences how people judge you, and various studies have found that individuals jump to quick conclusions about personality on the basis of body language. For example, one experiment showed that “judgments of political candidates’ faces in just one second predict 70% of US Senate and gubernatorial race outcomes.”

Your nonverbal behavior influences others’ perceptions of you, but it also influences you – your “thoughts, feelings” and “physiology.” Consider expressions of

About the Speaker

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy is a researcher and professor at Harvard Business School.

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    P. J. 4 years ago
    This was such an empowering talk, my favorite line was "do it enough until you actually become it"
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    C. G. 4 years ago
    Simple yet effective!
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    C. A. 4 years ago
    This is one of my favourite Tedtalks ever! These power poses really do allow you to harvest your best self in any stressful situation.. at times when I feel powerless I definitely need to go back and try this technique. Amy Cuddy did an amazing talk, even after watching this you feel just a little more powerful.
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    C. E. 4 years ago
    Amy Cuddy has it spot on! power posing is a fantastic and easy way to boost your confidence before a stressful meeting/ situation. I utilize this technique and highly encourage others to try it out for themselves. I think you will be shocked just how effective it is in creative a little added confidence.