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Your First 90 Days as CFO

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Your First 90 Days as CFO

Boston Consulting Group,

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A chief financial officer wields enormous influence while shouldering significant responsibilities. 

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For decades, the prevailing wisdom held that chief financial officers managed company finances, while CEOs and COOs handled corporate strategy and tactical decisions. But CFOs are now charged with a far broader range of duties, encompassing a variety of roles. According to Boston Consulting Group experts, a CFO’s first quarter can be a make-or-break period, setting the stage for future success or failure. Current and aspiring C-suite executives will find a 90-day blueprint for effective CFO initiation in this informative report.


The role of the chief financial officer has expanded to include setting and implementing corporate strategy.

The notion of the chief financial officer as strictly a bean counter is a relic of the past. Today’s CFO is a top-level strategist and enterprise manager who supervises a corporation’s financial performance and all its basic functions, including audits, compliance and risk management.

However, this new dynamic can be a tough slog for finance professionals. A study of 700 publicly listed companies from 2015 to 2020 found that close to 10% of CFOs burn out in one year...

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