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Your Inner Operating System Is 1,000 Times More Important than Your Abilities summary
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Drive and resolution characterize successful entrepreneurs, and many business books and articles offer a behavioral, habit-building approach to help people cultivate these traits. Liang Ning, a director at Hupan University – the entrepreneur school that Alibaba CEO Jack Ma built – analyzes drive and resolution from an emotional perspective. She believes that successful people experience emotions at higher intensities compared to average people. Liang is a star product manager and entrepreneur who has worked for Lenovo and Tencent. Career coach Mo Tong summarized and expanded upon the lecture Liang gave on this subject in his WeChat wemedia account analysis of her talk. Mo delves into the role emotional motivators such as pain, fear and joy play in people’s life decisions and explains what you can do to break down the barriers you’ve put up in front of yourself. getAbstract recommends this article as a useful perspective to career-minded readers.

About the Author

Mo Tong is a career mentor and life coach. He does group counseling and one-on-one sessions designed to help people achieve their full potential. 



In a lecture at Hupan University, Liang Ning asked everyone to imagine that they were cellphones. The apps on your phone might represent your abilities and expertise – your language skills, for example. If you compare the cellphone that is you with the one that represents a successful entrepreneur like Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, you might find that you have several well-designed apps that he doesn’t have. (Your English language skills might be better than his, for instance.) The crucial difference between you and him, though, lies not in the installed apps, but in the operating system. He’s running the latest operating system, while yours has been outdated for years. Your operating system drives your life decisions and plays a major role in how much you achieve in your career. How people process emotions and react to them determines their unique operating system. The key emotions involved in your operating system are:

  • Pain – Compared with those who excel in their fields, average people experience emotions at a lower intensity. They also calibrate back to an equilibrium more quickly. Successful people like Lei are more susceptible to pain...

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