You’re Not Listening
A review of

You’re Not Listening

What You’re Missing and Why It Matters

Kate MurphyCeladon • 2020

Listen Better.

by David Meyer

Informed, insightful and compassionate listening is a gift on both sides of a conversation.

Author Kate Murphy explains that as modern attention spans shorten, the act of truly listening is growing obsolete. Her main theme is that people’s inability to listen is fueling a loneliness epidemic and contributing to the increased polarization of political discourse in the United States and around the world – but you can fight back with concentration and a few simple courtesies.

In this deep dive into the art of conversation, Murphy, who writes for The New York Times and The Economist, dispenses concrete tips from social science researchers and expert listeners, such as a CIA interrogator and improvisational comedians. Heeding her advice – published pre-Covid, but still applicable – might help you become a more compassionate and attentive listener.

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