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Inspirational writer and interviewer Maxie McCoy asks you to celebrate feeling that you’re lost, because that brings the promise of discovering a life true to your dreams. It takes work, but the tips, exercises and worksheets at the end of each chapter help. McCoy sometimes uses raw, informal language to motivate you to examine who you are and what you want. Her accessible manual prompts women to move forward in a new direction. If you’ve ever come close to achieving a five-year plan only to find your dreams changing, McCoy’s advice is for you.

About the Author

Maxie McCoy, the host and producer of the live-audience show Let Her Speak, writes and speaks on female leadership issues.


Feeling lost will help you determine what you want from life.

Feeling lost is uncomfortable, but can help you find your passion. The discomfort forces you to examine your life and goals.

You don’t need to know your final destination – but to take a journey, you must have faith in yourself. Feelings of uncertainty may overwhelm you, but they’re only feelings. They don’t equate to your value as a woman. Ignore or actively reject society’s external expectations.

Determining who you are and embracing yourself helps clarify your path. When you are yourself, you attract people and new opportunities. Seek out the child inside you who danced freely without shame. Cultivate the expressive feelings that lifted you up before society repressed them.

Instead of internalizing social messages that, as a woman, you fall short, emphasize what makes you unique. Spending time on social media sites can leave you envious. Instead of defining yourself by other people’s lives, concentrate on yourself. Your path may be different. That’s fantastic! Don’t be afraid to stand out. Ignore your list of what you believe you need to change about yourself...

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