Leading Across New Borders: How to Succeed as the Center Shifts

The world’s economic center of gravity is shifting at a rapid pace - huge emerging economies have already emerged. Current estimates indicate that by 2050, China, the United States, and India will be the top three economies in the world while a number of locations in Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa continue to grow rapidly. The shifting of the world’s economic center has vast implications for almost everyone, particularly those who have been at the top and at the bottom of the global economic order. The shift toward these markets means that these countries and their leaders will increasingly shape the way business is conducted. Current and new leaders are beginning to experience a new world with many centers and a fracturing of previous lines of power, investment, technology transfer, and political authority. In order to succeed in this new global paradigm leaders and organizations require a new set of skills. Global leaders need to approach familiar tasks in novel ways and lead across geographical, cultural, and mental borders. Through our research and experience, current leadership development methods might not be adequate to navigate the current global reality. In Leading Across New Borders, we explore new imperatives that will help global leaders better understand and navigate across cultures, markets, and management differences. Using specific and real client examples, we will show how these differences can have a vital impact on businesses, brands and the way people manage. This book aims to empower leaders with the skills they need to conquer the challenges of today’s more complex multinational business environments including working across cultures, running a matrix team, leading inclusively, integrating an acquisition, and making tough ethical choices. ------------- getAbstract summaries not only concisely describe our books, but provide a Sales and Marketing aid in our day-to-day operations.

Ernest Gundling, Wiley, 2015-09-28
Language: English


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