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Develop the Resilience You Need to Succeed


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Use the “psychological body armor” of resilience to overcome adversity.

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In 1848, at age 13, Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie worked 12 hours a day, six days a week in a Pittsburgh textile mill. He earned $1.20 per week. Years later, as a self-made industrialist, Carnegie’s company built two blast furnaces during a period of general financial calamity and industrial collapse. Steel was selling for less than one cent per pound, but Carnegie forged ahead. He had overcome desperate poverty to become the world’s richest man. He exemplified resilience. Stress management expert George S. Everly Jr., consultant Douglas A. Strouse and an original US Navy SEAL, Dennis K. McCormack, all PhDs, discuss how resilience separates winners from everyone else. They catalog the five primary attributes of resiliency – “active optimism, decisive action, moral compass, relentless tenacity and interpersonal support” – and explain how you can develop these traits. And they present new and existing research, clinical observations, and interviews with heroically resilient people. getAbstract recommends the authors’ inspirational message to those who want to reduce their stress and build their satisfaction with life by increasing their resilience.


“Psychological Body Armor”

Everyone wants success, satisfaction and happiness. Developing resilience is the best way to attain those goals. This state of mind can provide self-protective immunity and impunity in a crisis. Personal resilience means getting up off the mat after being knocked down, getting back in the fight and throwing more punches. Resilience means turning adversity into triumph, based on your buoyant optimism, positive attitude and confidence in your own success.

The resiliency mind-set distinguishes US Navy SEALs, an exclusive, hardy military force. The Seal creed states, “In times of conflict or uncertainty, there is a special person ready to answer the call; a common person, with an uncommon desire to succeed. I am that person. I stand ready to bring the full spectrum of resources to bear in order to achieve my goals…in the worst of conditions…I will not fail.”

Develop this constructive, optimistic attitude to sustain you through life’s difficulties. Resiliency enables you to operate intelligently under high pressure, maximize your performance, bounce back from setbacks, and achieve overall happiness and fulfillment.

You can develop ...

About the Authors

George Everly Jr., PhD, is a founding father of modern stress management. Douglas A. Strouse, PhD, is the managing partner of Wexley Consulting HRD, LLC. Dennis K. McCormack, PhD, was one of the first Navy SEALs.

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