AI 2041
A review of

AI 2041

Ten Visions for Our Future

Kai-Fu LeeCurrency • 2021

The Future of AI

by David Meyer

Best-selling AI expert Kai-Fu Lee and speculative fiction author Chen Qiufan consider the AI of 2041 through hard-nosed analysis and illuminating tales.

AI expert Kai-Fu Lee – author of the best-selling AI Superpowers – and Chen Qiufan – author of The Algorithms for Life – envision what AI and its place in human society might be like in 2041. Alternating between stories that involve AI and nonfiction analyses, the authors prove themselves to be optimists. They speculate that AI may reduce human poverty, dramatically improve health care and enable more people to lead meaningful lives.

Deep AI

Deep learning can, for example, provide precisely tailored health advice, but raises problems. Since available data drive it, AI can reproduce a society’s prejudices, such as racism. Deep learning AI programming works through layers of neural networks that mimic the human brain’s functioning while maximizing a specified aim. Humans can train AI to determine, for example, whether a person is likely to develop a health problem – and set insurance premiums accordingly.

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