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Machines haven’t taken over the world yet, but artificial intelligence is seeping into our daily lives with astonishing speed. Whether it’s robots, language processing or computer vision, the possible applications of AI are endless.

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AI Bullseye Tactics For Non-Technical Business Leaders

Artificial Intelligence to Hit Business Value Targets, Tackle Unsolvable Problems, and Generate Tremendous Returns
Thomas Gilbertson
Thomas Gilbertson, 2023
8 Book

The Intelligence Revolution

Transforming Your Business with AI
Bernard Marr
Kogan Page, 2020
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The AI Playbook

Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment
Eric Siegel
MIT Press, 2024
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Bill Gates and Sal Khan
Gates Notes, 2023
9 Article
Caroline Forsey and Deepam Mishra
Hubspot, 2023
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Olivia Moore and Anish Acharya
a16z, 2023
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Ghiath Shabsigh and El Bachir Boukherouaa
IMF, 2023
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Boston Consulting Group, 2023
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