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Variation within genomes, species or entire ecosystems are an expression of biodiversity. Equatorial regions are especially biodiverse as are coasts with high sea temperatures. Global deforestation is a major factor contributing to the reduction in biodiversity, effectively putting many species in danger of extinction.

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The Nature and Necessity of Bees
Thor Hanson
Basic Books, 2018
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Tropical Forests Have Big Climate Benefits Beyond Carbon Storage

Study finds that trees cool the planet by one-third of a degree through biophysical mechanisms such as humidifying the air.
Freda Kreier
Nature, 2022
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Buzz, Sting, Bite

Why We Need Insects
Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson
Simon & Schuster, 2019
9 Podcast
Tom Raftery and Ralph Chami
Climate 21 Podcast, 2021
Charles Darwin and Julian S. Huxley
Signet, 2019
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Protect the Neglected Half of Our Blue Planet

Maintaining momentum is crucial as nations build a treaty to safeguard the high seas, argue Glen Wright, Julien Rochette, Kristina M. Gjerde and Lisa A. Levin.
Kristina M. Gjerde et al.
Nature, 2018
10 Article
Georg Kappen et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2020
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Five Priorities for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Unleash the ocean’s potential to boost economies sustainably while addressing climate change, food security and biodiversity.
Peter M. Haugan et al.
Nature, 2020
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Kristalina Georgieva and Partha Dasgupta
IMF, 2021
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Forests Emerge as a Major Overlooked Climate Factor

New work at the intersection of atmospheric science and ecology is finding that forests can influence rainfall and climate from across a continent.
Gabriel Popkin
Quanta, 2018