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Business Reputation

In the sharing economy, reputation plays a part in every exchange. Moreover, image makes up some 63% of the value of most corporations. As “reputation capital” will become increasingly important and could eventually redefine who has power in society, learn how to leverage and to defend your good name.

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Eric Shiraev et al.
Routledge, 2021
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Cutting Ties with Russia

A Guide to Decision-Making Now and in the Future
Paul Washington and Merel Spierings
The Conference Board, 2022
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The Dirty Work of Cleaning Online Reputations

For a fee, companies will tackle damaging search results. But is the new economy of digital makeovers making things worse:
Paul Gallant
Medium, 2022
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Uncovering the blind spots that impact your reputation and your career
Sara Canaday
Sara Canaday, 2012
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The Volkswagen Emission Scandal as a Case Study
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Why Today’s Consumers Demand More and How Leaders Can Deliver
Dave Kerpen
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The Wells Fargo Reputational Crisis and Its Aftermath
L. A. Winokur
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Have Them Destroyed First
Dune Lawrence
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Trust Agents

Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust
Chris Brogan and Julien Smith
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Brian Solis
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Reputation Economics

Why Who You Know Is Worth More Than What You Have
Joshua Klein
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