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Climate Change

The industrial revolution was the starting point of an unstoppable increase in carbon emissions, which inevitably leads to global warming. Many scientists believe that a 2°C (3.6°F) rise in global temperature would lead to a major environmental catastrophe. Learn about the climate crisis, current developments in climate research and the emerging technologies that could save the world.

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8 Book

False Alarm

How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet
Bjorn Lomborg
Basic Books, 2021
9 Report
Cluster of Excellence Climate, Climatic Change, and Society
Hamburg University, 2023
8 Article
Giada Ferraglioni and Sergio Colombo
BBC, 2023
8 Article

How to Channel Eco-Anxiety

Learning to live between despair and hope
Renée Lertzman and Sam Mowe
Tricycle, 2023
8 Article
Kate Magill
Supply Chain Dive, 2023
8 Video
Bob Litterman and Michael Liebreich
Cleaning Up - Leadership in an Age of Climate C..., 2023
9 Article

Where There's Smoke

In the Okanagan, reports Paloma Pacheco, wine and wildfires make for a problematic pairing.
Paloma Pacheco
Maisonnueve, 2022
9 Article

How to Stop Cities and Companies Causing Planetary Harm

Researchers must help to define science-based targets for water, nutrients, carbon emissions and more to avoid cascading effects and stave off tipping points in Earth’s systems.
Xuemei Bai et al.
Nature, 2022
9 Article

The Terrifying Choices Created by Wildfires

Many Californians are confronting a series of confounding decision – among them, whether they should fight or flee.
Ingfei Chen
The New Yorker, 2022
9 Book

Management as a Calling

Leading Business, Serving Society
Andrew J. Hoffman
Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2021
9 Article

Five Things to Know About Carbon Pricing

Carbon pricing shows serious promise as a tool in the fight against climate change
Ian Parry
IMF, 2021
7 Podcast

What’s L&D’s Role In Tackling Climate Change?

HowNow L&D Disrupt Live, Episode 35
Ajay Jacob et al.
HowNow, 2023