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How to get the bottom line signed.


8 Book

The Perfect Close

The Secret To Closing Sales - The Best Selling Practices & Techniques For Closing The Deal
James Muir
James Muir, 2021
8 Book

RENEWAL for Field Leaders

Leading Your Direct Selling Team Back to Growth
Brett Blake
Brett Blake, 2020
8 Video
Marc Wayshak
Sales Insights Lab, 2018
7 Book

How Not to Sell

Why You Can't Close the Deal and How to Fix It (The How Not to Succeed Series)
Mike Wicks
HarperCollins Leadership, 2020
6 Book

Why They Buy

A Bulletproof Method to Closing Any Sale
David Fuess
Leaders Press, 2018
9 Article

Always Be Closing Is Dead

How to Always Be Helping in 2018
Dan Tyre
Hubspot, 2018
7 Book

Stop Telling, Start Selling

How to Use Customer-Focused Dialogue to Close Sales
Linda Richardson
McGraw-Hill, 1998
7 Book

The 250 Power Words That Sell

The Words You Need to Get the Sale, Beat Your Quota, and Boost Your Commission
Stephan Schiffman
Adams Media, 2013
8 Book

The Art of Closing Any Deal

How to Be a Master Closer in Everything You Do
James W. Pickens
Warner Books, 1991
7 Book

Consultative Closing

Simple Steps that Build Relationships and Win Even the Toughest Sale
Greg Bennett
AMACOM, 2006
7 Book

Getting to Closed

A Proven Program to Accelerate the Sales Cycle and Increase Commissions
Stephan Schiffman
Kaplan Publishing, 2002
6 Book
Richard Denny
Kogan Page, 2006