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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is becoming more popular as an approach to solving problems and generating ideas. Find out how to implement this flexible method that urges you to plan your product or service from the perspective of your end user.


9 Book

Design for a Better World

Meaningful, Sustainable, Humanity Centered
Donald A. Norman
MIT Press, 2023
8 Book


Designing for Behavior Change
Amy Bucher
Rosenfeld Media LLC, 2020
9 Book
Christian Müller-Roterberg
Wiley, 2020
9 Book

The Design Thinking Workbook

Essential Skills for Creativity and Business Growth
Charvi Parikh and C. J. Meadows
Emerald Publishing Limited, 2022
8 Book


The Reinvention of the Modern Office
Jeremy Myerson and Philip Ross
Reaktion, 2022
8 Book


Stretching the Future By Design
Christian Bason and Jens Skibsted
Matt Holt Books, 2022
7 Book

Reimagining Design

Unlocking Strategic Innovation
Kevin Bethune and John Maeda
MIT Press, 2022
9 Book

Lean vs. Agile vs. Design Thinking

What You Really Need to Know to Build High-Performing Digital Product Teams
Jeff Gothelf
Sense & Respond, 2017
9 Video

Putting a Disability Lens on Tech Work

Talks at Google with Judith Heumann
Judith Heumann
Talks at Google, 2020
8 Book


How Inclusion Shapes Design
Kat Holmes
MIT Press, 2020
9 Book

Alien Thinking

The Unconventional Path to Breakthrough Ideas
Cyril Bouquet et al.
Public Affairs, 2021
9 Video
Melanie Rayment et al.
RSA, 2020