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Discrimination can be blatantly obvious or very subtle. Either way it's harm- and hurtful. Understand what shape discrimination can take and how to counter it.

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9 Book


The Language of Fanaticism
Amanda Montell
Harper Wave, 2021
9 Book

The No Club

Putting a Stop to Women’s Dead-End Work
Linda Babcock et al.
Simon & Schuster, 2022
8 Book

Preventing Workplace Harassment in a #MeToo World

A Guide to Cultivating a Harassment-Free Culture
Bobbi Dominick
SHRM, 2018
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Discrimination Causes Nearly Instantaneous Spikes in Stress Hormones

The study of real-time cortisol levels opens the door to understanding how daily life events influence health
Rodrigo Pérez Ortega
Science, 2022
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The Kaepernick Effect

Taking a Knee, Changing the World
Dave Zirin
The New Press, 2021
9 Book

Real Wins

Race, Leadership and How to Define Success
Michelle Moore
Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2022
9 Video

Antisemitism in 2022:

From Conspiracy Theories to Cancel Culture with Dr. Michael Berenbaum
Dr. Michael Berenbaum
Holocaust Memorial of Miami Beach, 2022
10 Book

The New Jim Crow

Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
Michelle Alexander
The New Press, 2020
8 Book
Jan van Dijk
Polity Press, 2020
9 Article

The Difference between the Terms Latino and Hispanic and How They Overlap

Ultimately, experts say, it's about how you self-identify. Mostly.
Samantha Vincenty
Oprah Daily, 2022