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Friend or foe? Take a look at our need to be connected and the dangers that tag along.


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How Wordle brought us back together

Spelling Bee, too, and Words With Friends. Who knew online word games would get us talking to each other again?
Schuyler Velasco
Experience Magazine, 2022
8 Book


Designing for Behavior Change
Amy Bucher
Rosenfeld Media LLC, 2020
9 Book

There Are No Facts

Attentive Algorithms, Extractive Data Practices, and the Quantification of Everyday Life
Mark Shepard
MIT Press, 2022
9 Book

The Cluetrain Manifesto

The End of Business as Usual
Rick Levine et al.
Perseus Books, 2000
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The Truth Wins

You Are Not So Smart
David McRaney and Tom Stafford
David McRaney, 2022
8 Book

You Are Here

A Field Guide for Navigating Polarized Speech, Conspiracy Theories, and Our Polluted Media Landscape
Whitney Phillips and Ryan M. Milner
MIT Press, 2021
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How Scammers, Grifters, and Con Artists Are Taking Over the Internet – and Why We’re Following
Gabrielle Bluestone
Hanover Square Press, 2021
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Digital Media Literacy

Empathizing with the Internet
Mohit Rajhans and Kara Brisson-Boivin
The Walrus, 2022
9 Book

The Information Trade

How Big Tech Conquers Countries, Challenges Our Rights, and Disrupts Our World
Alexis Wichowski
HarperOne, 2020
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Kindness Is Cool

“Kind Words” aims to change a toxic internet culture, one anonymous note at a time.
Tom Rehagen
Experience Magazine, 2022
7 Book

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Social Media’s Influence on Fashion, Ethics, and Property
Minh-Ha Pham
Duke University School of Law, 2022
9 Book

The Disconnect

A Personal Journey Through the Internet
Roisin Kiberd
Profile Books, 2022