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Lean Management

The lean manufacturing method is built on eliminating waste in the production system – that's any waste, including waste of materials, time, energy, talent and processing effort. Built historically on Toyota's strategies, Lean is based in the world of manufacturing where it is intrinsic to systematic attempts to save time and money and to increase efficiency by simplifying processes and procedures.

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10 Book

Learning to See

Value Stream Mapping to Add Value and Eliminate Muda
Mike Rother and John Shook
Lean Enterprise Institute, 1999
9 Book

Lean Production Simplified

A Plain-Language Guide to the World’s Most Powerful Production System
Pascal Dennis
Productivity Press, 2017
8 Book

Lean Office and Service Simplified

The Definitive How-To Guide
Drew Locher
Productivity Press, 2017
9 Book

Toyota Production System

Beyond Large-Scale Production
Taiichi Ohno
Productivity Press, 1988
9 Book

The Machine That Changed the World

The Story of Lean Production – Toyota’s Secret Weapon in the Global Car Wars That Is Revolutionizing World Industry
James P. Womack et al.
Free Press, 2007
9 Book

The Toyota Way Fieldbook

A Practical Guide for Implementing Toyota’s 4Ps
David Meier and Jeffrey K. Liker
McGraw-Hill, 2005
8 Book

The Lean Turnaround

How Business Leaders Use Lean Principles to Create Value and Transform Their Company
Art Byrne
McGraw-Hill, 2012
8 Book

Lean Enterprise

How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale
Jez Humble et al.
O'Reilly, 2015
9 Book

Lean vs. Agile vs. Design Thinking

What You Really Need to Know to Build High-Performing Digital Product Teams
Jeff Gothelf
Sense & Respond, 2017
8 Book

Understanding A3 Thinking

A Critical Component of Toyota’s PDCA Management System
Durward K. Sobek and Art Smalley
Productivity Press, 2008

Sooner Safer Happier

Antipatterns and Patterns for Business Agility
Zsolt Berend et al.
IT Revolution Press, 2020

Making Work Visible

Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow
Dominica DeGrandis
IT Revolution Press, 2017