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Marine Conservation

Ecosystems in oceans and seas are endangered by human-caused over-exploitation of their resources and direct consequences of global climate change. Marine or ocean conservation seeks to protect and preserve ecosystems and biodiversity through planned management.

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Deep-Sea Dilemma

Mining the ocean floor could solve mineral shortages – and lead to epic extinctions in some of the most remote ecosystems on Earth.
Olive Heffernan
Nature, 2019

Ask an Ocean Explorer

Everything you need to know about our oceans in 25 questions
Jon Copley
Hodder & Stoughton, 2019
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Protect the Neglected Half of Our Blue Planet

Maintaining momentum is crucial as nations build a treaty to safeguard the high seas, argue Glen Wright, Julien Rochette, Kristina M. Gjerde and Lisa A. Levin.
Kristina M. Gjerde et al.
Nature, 2018
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Should We Fertilize Oceans or Seed Clouds? No One Knows.

Gather scientific evidence on the feasibility and risks of marine geoengineering to guide regulation of research, advise Philip Boyd and Chris Vivian.
Philip Boyd and Chris Vivian
Nature, 2019
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WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2019

Multi-agency report highlights increasing signs and impacts of climate change in atmosphere, land and oceans
World Meteorological Organization
WMO, 2020
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Geoengineer Polar Glaciers to Slow Sea-Level Rise

Stalling the fastest flows of ice into the oceans would buy us a few centuries to deal with climate change and protect coasts, argue John C. Moore and colleagues.
John C. Moore et al.
Nature, 2018
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Sea Power

The History and Geopolitics of the World’s Oceans
James Stavidris
Penguin Press, 2017
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A Sea Change

How One Small Island Showed Us How to Save Our Oceans
Sandra Laville
The Guardian, 2018
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Economist Films
Economist Films, 2017

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