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Rewarding Employees

Done right, rewards can motivate your employees, boost productivity, increase retention, inspire teamwork and spark innovation. Do it wrong, and you will get the opposite outcomes.

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Why targets and incentives fail and how to fix them
Bernie Smith
Bernie Smith, 2021
9 Book

Scaling Up Compensation

5 Design Principles for Turning Your Largest Expense into a Strategic Advantage
Verne Harnish and Sebastian Ross
ForbesBooks, 2021
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Implementing Total Rewards Strategies

A guide to successfully planning and implementing a total rewards system
Robert L. Heneman and Erin E. Coyne
SHRM, 2007
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Leading with Gratitude

Eight Leadership Practices for Extraordinary Business Results
Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton
HarperBusiness, 2020
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Inc. Editorial
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Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of the Workplace
David Zweig
Portfolio, 2014
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Dina Gerdeman
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, 2013
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1501 Ways to Reward Employees

Low-Cost and No-Cost Ideas. Best Practices. Latest Trends. Proven Strategies. Ways to Motivate the Millennial Generation.
Bob Nelson
Workman Publishing, 2012
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The Complete Guide to Sales Force Incentive Compensation

How to Design and Implement Plans That Work
Andris A. Zoltners et al.
AMACOM, 2006
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The Carrot Principle

How the Best Managers Use Recognition to Engage Their Employees, Retain Talent, and Drive Performance
Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton
Free Press, 2007
5 Book

Ownership Thinking

How to End Entitlement and Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose, and Profit
Brad Hams
McGraw-Hill, 2011