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Supply Chains

Your suppliers can offer you so much more than raw materials and parts. Become an expert in logistics and learn how to leverage your supplier network while saving time and money.


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The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes
Dana Thomas
Penguin Press, 2019
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How a Changing Climate Is Altering the Way We Drink
Brian Freedman
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., 2022
8 Article
Brian Boyle
Daily Upside, 2022
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He’s Baseball’s Only Mud Supplier. It’s a Job He May Soon Lose.

Jim Bintliff collects the Delaware River mud that is smeared on Major League baseballs to make them less slippery. But that tradition is in jeopardy.
Dan Barry
The New York Times, 2022
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When Shipping Containers Sink in the Drink

We’ve supersized our capacity to ship stuff across the seas. As our global supply chains grow, what can we gather from the junk that washes up on shore?
Kathryn Schulz
The New Yorker, 2022
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Lara O'Reilly
Business Insider UK, 2022
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Arriving Today

From Factory to Front Door – Why Everything Has Changed About How and What We Buy
Christopher Mims
HarperBusiness, 2021
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How to Rescue the World’s Biggest Cargo Ships

Enormous container ships ferry goods all over the world, but when one of them gets into trouble – as happened with the Ever Given and the Ever Forward recently – how can they be saved?
Chris Baraniuk
BBC, 2022
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How We Eat

The Brave New World of Food and Drink
Paco Underhill
Simon & Schuster, 2022
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The Rising Risk of a Global Food Crisis

The war in Ukraine poses a looming threat to the worldwide food supply. Here’s what’s at stake – and what might be done to help.
Daniel Aminetzah et al.
McKinsey, 2022