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Increased downloads by 120%
Seamless integration into the LXP
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Learning offering broadens people’s knowledge horizon

Content is the fundamental building block of any learning platform.

Gaurav Maheshwari, Senior Director, Content and Knowledge Management at Visa

About Visa

Founded in 1958, Visa is an American multinational financial services operator based in Foster City, California. In the past five years, the company doubled its number of employees to over 20,000 working in more than 75 countries.

Business challenge

Around half of the workforce at Visa works in technology. To keep up with rapid technological change, the company has doubled its headcount within the past five years. Employees are spread across 75 company branches worldwide, making it challenging to organize centralized, classroom-based training. “We have to think very differently about how to keep our employees learning,” says Gaurav Maheshwari, responsible for Content and Knowledge Management at Visa University.

The company has been an early adopter of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP). “It’s great to have all learning in one place,” Gaurav, who is in charge of content strategy and governance, explains. “But then, employees need help to maximize the use of those resources. Curation, thus, is key.” A learning experience platform alone does not yet guarantee access to trusted, quality content, Gaurav contends: “If learners can’t find suitable content on their learning platform, they won’t come back. Content is the fundamental building block of any learning platform.”

How getAbstract helped

Gaurav summarizes his priorities at Visa University this way: “When it comes to learning, Digital First has always been on our key strategy. Second, we want to make sure our employees have what they need when they need it. And third, we seek to drive relevant learning adoption through a lot of curation.” With curation, Gaurav refers to making sure that learners find what they need within the variety of content Visa University provides. Everybody at Visa can create content, but it remains private until someone in the learning professionals community of practice has reviewed and approved it: “We ensure that the content is unique, relevant, from a trusted source, and in line with our design guidelines and standards.”

A centralized content publication strategy allows Visa to ensure the quality and consistency of its learning offering. When it comes to curating in-depth, specialized knowledge, however, Gaurav likes to have subject area specialists involved. Gaurav thus finds great value in knowing that getAbstract content has been selected and verified by teams of experts.

Gaurav considers getAbstract’s curated library a great resource for business-related knowledge: “getAbstract helps us provide timely, bite-sized learning on topics related to business, professional and personal development, leadership and current social issues.” Last year, for example, Gaurav could count on the support of getAbstract Customer Success Managers to create an awareness campaign around the Black Lives Matter movement: “Think about this: If we thought about creating a formal learning solution, it would have taken us six months to create this. getAbstract’s resource library enabled us to provide learners with a quick overview of the issues at hand in a matter-of-fact way.”

A common pain point at Visa was that Learners felt overwhelmed by the volume of content available to them. Gaurav and his team thus developed a content curation strategy defining standards and processes to help everybody at the company curate more effectively. When putting together learning units, many liked to integrate getAbstract’s 10-minute summaries of books, articles, reports and podcasts, which Learners can access directly from the Learning Experience Platform. Within a year, getAbstract summary downloads at Visa increased by over 120%.

Gaurav appreciates the pragmatic, learner-centric format of getAbstract learning collaterals, such as Sketch Notes, getAbstract’s visual how-to guides: “Learning tools like Sketch Notes makes learning more consumable, which I think is really important.”

For Gaurav, the key value of including getAbstract content in Visa’s learning offering is that it exposes Learners to a wide range of ideas and topics they may not have come across otherwise: “getAbstract broadens people’s knowledge horizon and triggers their curiosity. Curiosity has been singled out as the number one quality CEOs like to see in an employee, and I think getAbstract is a perfect resource for people who want to learn about new topics and gain a fresh perspective on what they are working on and beyond.”

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