Customer Success Story Royal Mail

Achieved Results

  • Accessible to all employees
  • Seamless SSO Integration and Multiple Access Points
  • 1/3 of all Learners use getAbstract on their Mobile Device
  • Highly used Learning Resource at Royal Mail
  • Strong Culture of Informal/Self-directed Learning

The engagement is striking: Employees are using getAbstract not just to enhance their job-related competencies, but also to work on their own personal development.

James Barton, Online Learning Manager at Royal Mail

About Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the United Kingdom’s pre-eminent mail delivery company. It delivers to millions of addresses across the UK and employs over 159,000 people. Its European parcel business maintains one of the largest, ground-based parcel delivery networks in Europe.

Business challenge

While e-substitution has led to a steady decline in conventional letter volumes, the company has benefitted from a growth in parcel volume powered by e-commerce. Royal Mail faces the challenge of protecting its traditional business while keeping pace with the digital transformation process. The company needed a learning solution that could provide tailored content to help its workforce acquire and improve the skills needed to face the new challenge, and that would allow for a seamless learning experience.

How getAbstract helped

Royal Mail and getAbstract Customer Success Managers successfully introduced employees to self-directed learning. With getAbstract’s solution, employees can read or listen to book and video talk summaries to acquire the knowledge they need to learn at their own pace. getAbstract’s expert content curation on relevant business topics also opened a new door for learning and development. “We’re not limiting ourselves to what the internal learning team thinks is important,” says James Barton, Royal Mail’s Online Learning Manager. “getAbstract provides unbiased information from a wide range of sources, allowing us to consider a wide range of perspectives.”

Within only a few months, getAbstract became one of Royal Mail’s most used digital learning resources. “The engagement is striking: Employees are using getAbstract not just to enhance their job-related competencies, but also to work on their own personal development,” says Barton. Using the impulse of the UK-wide “Learning At Work Week,” Royal Mail and getAbstract introduced the learning solution through webinars, social media and face-to-face meetings with employees. The key was to show how getAbstract can help leverage knowledge to address specific business problems.

Senior managers were on board with the continuous learning approach from the start. They acted as influencers, sharing the resource with their teams and encouraging employees to use getAbstract in their day-to-day work. “You may not have time to go to a conference, but you have 5-minute time windows spread out throughout the day,” says Barton. “With getAbstract, you can make those moments 5-minute bursts of learning.”

getAbstract’s seamless SSO integration and the user-friendly mobile app allowed employees to have easy access to the content on demand. “There was no need to provide complex instructions on how to use the new tool,” says Barton. The use of mobile devices (app, E-Reader) was so popular that within a few months, one third of learners had adopted it as a way of accessing knowledge.

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