Customer Success Story Experian

Achieved Results

  • Creation of a modern learning environment
  • 1/4 of users use the mobile app
  • 15% of users listen to audios
  • Global and easy access to condensed knowledge

I love the fact that getAbstract content is consistent across the entire platform. Every abstract tells you exactly what you will get from it.

James Hayward, Learning Technology and Delivery Manager at Experian

About Experian

Experian is a global information services provider based in Dublin, Ireland. With 17,000 employees in 39 countries, the company offers data and analytical tools that assist businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud and automate decision-making.

Business challenge

Experian's personnel development strategy aims at building an inclusive high-performance culture. James Hayward, Learning Technology and Delivery Manager, wants to enable employees to enhance both their professional and social skills. Besides employees’ time constraints, a global operation like Experian faces the additional challenge of giving equal consideration to all employees. Virtual teams with members residing in different locations need to be able to access knowledge resources quickly and flexibly.

How getAbstract helped

At Experian, getAbstract serves as an elemental resource for employee development across the organization. Employees can access getAbstract content through different channels and find expert knowledge at the point of need. Executives, James Hayward explains, can access customized getAbstract content through their respective competency area portal. Members of the personnel development team, meanwhile, can download getAbstract content from the company’s internal development page to use as preparation or follow-up material in traditional classroom workshops. Furthermore, employees have been making it a habit to consult the getAbstract library whenever they need information to assist with their decision-making. 

Opportunities for self-directed learning in bite-sized units have not yet been around for long at Experian: “We had a very ancient learning management system that wasn’t really fulfilling my needs as a technology manager,” says Hayward. It took a while for the company to recognize the change in learning habits, Hayward explains: "getAbstract enabled me to show that the demand for mobile learning and short, snappy content is significantly higher than we thought." As Experian was modernizing its learning environment, employees immediately took to getAbstract’s mobile app for learning on the go. Currently, 25% of users access getAbstract content from their mobile device, while 15% of them regularly use the audio format option.

For Hayward, an important yet often undervalued success component of the getAbstract solution is the consistency of the library’s content: “I love the fact that getAbstract content is consistent across the entire platform. Every abstract tells you exactly what you will get from it. For employees, this approach is enormously important: They want to know what to expect when they click on a link." The platform’s more than 22,000 summaries of books, articles and videos all appear in a uniform format developed and perfected over the years by getAbstract’s editorial team to maximize knowledge retention.

Hayward appreciates the collaborative relationship with getAbstract: “The getAbstract team has a good sense of knowing when we need support without being pushy or overbearing.” He looks forward to deepening his collaboration with getAbstract in his continuing efforts to build a highly efficient learning culture at Experian.

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