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The getAbstract library features validated and credited books and resources that drive results. This is how getAbstract brings our high-performance culture to life.

Bryan MacPherson, Performance Development Director at Cadence

About Cadence

Cadence Design Systems is a leading semiconductor software company headquartered in San Jose, California. The company provides the expertise and tools, IP and hardware required for the entire electronics design supply chain. As a multinational company that operates in 21 countries, Cadence has a diverse workforce of 7,400 employees.

Business challenge

Among the L&D department’s top priorities is to implement a “high performance culture” across the organization. Bryan MacPherson, Performance Development Director, and Brett Welch, Senior Performance Development Manager, have been searching for a solution that engages all employees, including the company’s relatively high number of mature age workers.

How getAbstract helped

Since Cadence adopted the getAbstract solution in 2015, the learning resource quickly became a key element in building a high-performance learning culture. Regardless of the individual work challenge each employee faces, getAbstract allows for easy access to relevant business knowledge from any device at any time. “Instead of organizing a workshop around a particular topic, we encourage employees to access the information they need in real time,” Bryan explains. Employees can then apply the newly acquired expert knowledge to their everyday tasks.

Bryan and Brett identified a set of key capabilities their employees need to be successful leaders at Cadence and used the getAbstract learning tool to develop these skills, including  problem solving, collaboration and accountability. Together with a getAbstract Customer Success Manager, for example, Cadence put together a quick guide on preparing for performance evaluations. In the “Preparing for the Conversation” section of the tool, employees can find a list of key principles on how to lead an effective conversation. Users who seek more in-depth knowledge can then follow a link to the summary of the book, Authentic Conversations – Moving from Manipulation to Truth and Commitment

Bryan comments: “The getAbstract library features books and resources that drive results. This is how getAbstract brings our high-performance culture to life.” For Bryan, getAbstract provides one of the most advanced platforms for self-directed learning: “getAbstract facilitates the shift from traditional curriculum- based learning to a learner-based approach. The tool feeds users’ curiosity and allows them to find what they most want to learn.” 

This reflective learning style suits senior executives with a busy work schedule particularly well, Brett explains: “They want to be able to access trusted, high-quality learning content quickly. They don’t want always to be off-site in a traditional learning environment.” 

Cadence CEO Lip-Bu Tan, a passionate reader himself, understands the importance of continuous learning to stay competitive. He has put together a list of his favorite books, whose summaries employees can read on the Cadence-getAbstract portal. The customized reading list not only fosters employee engagement but also imbues the CEO’s thinking and values throughout the organization. 

Brett and Bryan cherish the trust-based partnership with getAbstract: “Constant support, seamless SSO implementation and assistance with promoting getAbstract across the organization demonstrates the company’s commitment to designing products for the enterprise market. That gives us confidence that getAbstract is thinking about us as an L&D team.” Bryan adds: “getAbstract puts client satisfaction first. Its Customer Success Manager take the time to identify our learning requirements and helped us with the adoption of the getAbstract tool. ”

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