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9 Book

MoneyBall Medicine

Thriving in the New Data-Driven Healthcare Market
Harry Glorikian and Malorye Allison Branca
Productivity Press, 2017
7 Book

The Visual Factory

Building Participation Through Shared Information
Michel Greif
Productivity Press, 1991
8 Book

Lean Office and Service Simplified

The Definitive How-To Guide
Drew Locher
Productivity Press, 2017
9 Book

Lean Production Simplified

A Plain-Language Guide to the World’s Most Powerful Production System
Pascal Dennis
Productivity Press, 2017
8 Book

Understanding A3 Thinking

A Critical Component of Toyota’s PDCA Management System
Durward K. Sobek and Art Smalley
Productivity Press, 2008
8 Book

It's About Time

The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing
Rajan Suri
Productivity Press, 2010
9 Book

Toyota Production System

Beyond Large-Scale Production
Taiichi Ohno
Productivity Press, 1988
7 Book

Lean for Banks

Improving Quality, Productivity, and Morale in Financial Offices
Bohdan W. Oppenheim and Marek Felbur
Productivity Press, 2014
7 Book
George Koenigsaecker
Productivity Press, 2009
7 Book

Creating a Lean Culture

Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions
David Mann
Productivity Press, 2005