Acknowledge the importance of learning

Help your team adopt a new mindset that views learning as part of work. Build an organizational culture based on a shared vision of learning and implement supportive strategies to boost learning across the organization.


Nurture dialogue and collaboration

Create a collaborative work environment and nurture teams that thrive. Team learning leads to more effective learning since the group's combined intelligence is greater than the intelligence of any single individual.


Allow time for reflection

Give your team the space and time to reflect, gain perspective and work on their ideas. Create a work culture that welcomes dissent, rewards creativity and solicits outside views to improve overall decision-making.


Develop a Learning Habit

Develop a lifelong learning habit and encourage your team to do the same. A powerful way to initiate a new habit is by forming mini habits and building on them incrementally.


Support learning in the flow of work

Constant, immediate learning is the best way to cope with a fast-moving business environment. Encourage self-directed learning and enable employees to acquire new skills and knowledge when they need it and in the flow of work.