Can machines learn?

What sets AI apart from traditional software is its ability to teach itself and grow "smarter". The next quantum leap forward will be machines that truly understand human language ? and, in this way, acquire virtually limitless amounts of human knowledge.


Will robots replace me?

The combination of globalization and robotics ("globotics") is coming for many white-collar jobs. If properly managed, though, the Globotics Transformation has the potential to create a more humane society.


What happens when machines outsmart humans?

Some fear superintelligent AI might usher in the end of human history. Others believe it might just help solve humanity's toughest problems. The ultimate task is to design machines with general intelligence that will benefit human life.


Is your business AI ready?

Businesses across many sectors are already applying AI for tasks ranging from process automation to language translation. How can your line of work benefit from AI? And how is AI changing the future workplace?


Is AI fair?

One key ethical concern related to AI is fairness. AI algorithms must be designed to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion.