Summary of 3 Principles for Creating Safer AI

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3 Principles for Creating Safer AI summary
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Grim predictions from innovators, thinkers and blockbuster movies have left the public wary of artificial intelligence (AI). Computer science professor Stuart Russell seeks to redefine AI so humankind will pursue and benefit from the technology. Russell assigns AI three principles to uphold humans’ values and safety. getAbstract suggests that his instructive, sometimes humorous talk may allay your fears of a robot takeover.

About the Speaker

Computer science professor Stuart Russell co-wrote Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.



When machines can comprehend what they read, they’ll absorb everything written. Adding this vast knowledge to their advanced computations will enable them to make better decisions than people do. The surge in machine intelligence will mean unlimited possibilities for humankind. Yet thinkers such as Stephen Hawking warn that this event might mark humanity’s downfall. And they aren’t the first to say so. In 1951, Alan Turing, the “father of computer science,” foresaw problems in building machines with superior intelligence. But forgoing artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t the answer.

In 1960, after watching an early AI model trounce a human competitor at checkers, mathematician Norbert Wiener...

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