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3 Strategies to Persuade Any Audience

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3 Strategies to Persuade Any Audience


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To become a better persuasive public speaker, master the art of “ethos, logos and pathos.”

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Good public speaking takes practice and skill, but how do you go from being a good speaker to a great one? In this succinct and practical article, marketing experts Kenny Nguyen, Gus Murillo, Robert Killeen and Luke Jones of Big Fish Presentations discuss why using three basic rhetorical devices in public speaking – “ethos, pathos and logos” – can help you influence the perspective of any audience you might encounter. getAbstract recommends the authors’ advice and tactics to everyone looking to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.


A great, persuasive public speech involves more than just delivering a message. It aims to evoke a specific response in an audience so you can influence their perspective on a given topic. Persuasive public speaking requires practice. But effective speakers also master “a variety of arguments and strategies” which belong to three rhetorical devices: “ethos,” the appeal to ethics; “pathos,” the appeal to emotion; and “logos,” the appeal to logic.

Establishing ethos, or credibility, is vital if you want to convince individuals of...

About the Authors

Kenny Nguyen, Gus Murillo, Robert Killeen, and Luke Jones are members of the Big Fish Presentations team, a marketing agency specializing in brand storytelling.

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    M. P. 2 years ago
    Ethos, pathos & logos are very important for speaker. Great learning.
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    very useful
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    interesting topic

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