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AI Has Launched a $200 Billion Revolution in Content Personalization

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AI Has Launched a $200 Billion Revolution in Content Personalization

Boston Consulting Group,

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AI: Scaling the unscalable since…well, fairly recently.

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Marketing firms and copywriters have long used their creativity, market knowledge and gut feelings to create campaigns that have been more or less successful since advertising began, but much of what they created was still a stab in the dark. Would a slightly different campaign have been more effective with a certain segment of the market? Would different phrasing have created a higher value customer? Nobody knew. But the Boston Consulting Group says marketing is about to become a lot more engaging, and if you guessed that AI would be at the helm of these irresistible new campaigns, you guessed right.


Artificial intelligence can generate personalized content, then make decisions about who should see that content, and it’s doing so at scale.

Nine out of 10 executives cited customer centricity and personalization as top goals in 2020 – but it’s hard to deliver personalization at scale. AI is making headway in that department; however, churning out creative content and then delivering the right message to the right consumers, over the right channels, at the right time, with a suitable offering for the right product – that’s a lot to get right. Human content creators can use their intuition and experience to guess what will resonate with most consumers, but their guesses are unscientific and labor-intensive.

Human copywriters create the foundation of the campaign, but the AI optimizes content delivery at scale by using ...

About the Authors

Silvio Palumbo, Mario Simon, Will Cornock, Chris George and Yohei Shoji are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group. They partnered with Persado, a direct marketing software development company, to write this report.

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