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Habit expert James Clear believes small changes in human behavior have a more profound impact on habits over time than singular, large shifts. He calls for coupling a desired new behavior with a usual behavior. He warns against boredom and self-satisfaction, which, he asserts, impede the formation of new habits built on frequent repetition of behavior. To change bad habits, Clear maintains, you first must develop awareness of your daily routines. He urges taking continuous, small steps toward forming new habits that will eventually replace old ones. Frequent repetition automates behaviors and turn them into habits. Rewards and incentives, such as enjoyable activities, nurture the effort of instilling good habits. Your individual identity aligns with your habitual behavior. Clear cautions against complacency – a drawback to cultivating good habits – and recommends refining your behavior continually to achieve lasting change. To that end, he provides simple, actionable steps. Those seeking to switch bad habits for good ones will benefit from his guidance.

About the Author

James Clear writes about habits and self-improvement at his popular website, He speaks on habits and decision-making to Fortune 500 companies.


Small Steps

Habit expert James Clear believes frequent repetition automates behaviors and turns them into habits. Most people undervalue applying little changes to their routines but, over time, a minuscule adjustment can create “atomic habits,” the foundation for extraordinary outcomes.

These atomic habits function, Clear maintains, as part of a methodical system that does a better job of helping you achieve progress than setting a goal without outlining a process for attaining it. Atomic habits interconnect like building blocks to provoke remarkable adaptations to behavior. Clear is adamant that achieving long-lasting results requires establishing a path for permanent change.

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    H. M. 3 months ago
    One of the best book I’ve read to date. A really eye opener for people wanting to achieve their habits but don’t see wins straight away. I would recommend everyone and anyone to read this book.
  • Avatar
    V. M. 8 months ago
    This is the best book I've read on Habits, with pragmatic exercises & summary at the end of each chapter. I made the habits part of my daily routines & tremendously benefited. Highly recommend you reading this book.
  • Avatar
    F. H. 9 months ago
    One of my favourite author. I am practicing the atomic method of building good habits. It is helping a lot.