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Stephan Schiffman is a storied veteran in the field of corporate sales training. His book offers many useful tools, including a test to determine if you’re suffering from burnout, a myriad of tips on selling more effectively (Schiffman’s foremost area of expertise) and an appendix with advice for telemarketing sales operations. Schiffman includes scores of anti-burnout measures, ranging from diet to managing expectations to transforming stress into creative energy. Most chapters are only two to three pages long, which makes this book read at a practical pace for busy professionals, including sales managers, an audience Schiffman specifically addresses. His advice on burnout is sound and well founded, if not nearly as brilliant as his advice on the selling process itself. This book's impact on you will depend on your stress level, experience, personality and job circumstances. The section on how managers can minimize burnout will help you even before your team members get their copies. Reading this book may not prevent burnout, but at least you’ll know how to douse it.

About the Author

Expert sales trainer Stephan Schiffman has worked with salespeople at many Fortune 500 companies. His previous books include Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work); Closing Techniques (That Really Work); Stephan Schiffman’s Telesales and The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople.



From Toast of the Town to Burnt Toast: Burnout is rampant among sales professionals.

A North Carolina consulting firm that polled 113 companies placed the rate of turnover in sales close to 30%. For many firms, it hovered between 40% and 50%. Many salespeople left seeking a new employer or a new career.

Companies face tremendous annual expenses for sales training, recruiting and additional administrative costs due to churn among sales staffers. And firms report that 20% to 40% of their sales staff just goes through the motions rather than pursuing ambitious sales efforts. Learning about burnout can be your first step in staying away from being such a statistic. Use a few simple strategies to defeat burnout right away by putting out the ember before it bursts into flames.

You can lessen your stress with concrete actions, such as healthy living and positive thinking.

Burnout begins with prolonged stress and leads to diminished motivation and inconsistent behavior. It begins slowly and insidiously gains momentum; once you realize you’re in the downward spiral, pulling out can be difficult. Sales reps get chronically exhausted, discouraged, cynical...

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