Better Than Before
A review of

Better Than Before

Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives

Gretchen RubinCrown • 2015

Better Habits Now

by David Meyer

Gretchen Rubin provides unusually intelligent, workable, commonsense advice for anyone seeking to develop healthier habits – and she includes herself in that cohort.

New York Times best-selling author Gretchen Rubin – who wrote The Happiness Project – offers enjoyable, entertaining and accessible advice for improving your life. Rubin delves into how to change your habits and explains that no single answer works for everyone. 

To create the life they want, most people try to eliminate unwanted habits or incorporate new, more desirable ones. Rubin guides you to greater self-understanding to determine which habit-changing strategies are best for you, and lays out an actionable framework for forming and maintaining habits. You’ll learn ways to create new habits, including developing and applying self-knowledge. Rubin’s approach is workable and handy.

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