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How Amazon Is Changing Our Lives and What the World’s Best Companies Are Learning from It

Brian DumaineScribner • 2020

Bezos and His Juggernaut

by David Meyer

How Jeff Bezos’s Amazon “flywheel” dominates online retail, the cloud and pretty much anything else he wants. 

Brian Dumaine – who contributes to Fortune and Inc. – offers a well-researched overview of the Amazon juggernaut and delves into the thinking of founder Jeff Bezos. Dumaine provides insights into the CEO’s strategies and the company’s apparently unbounded future. His unabashed admiration can drift into hagiography – yet he recounts criticism directed at Amazon over the years. The Washington Post called this “an illuminating exploration,” and said: “Dumaine is a careful reporter, and his descriptions of Amazon’s operations are lucid and finely detailed.”

Start-up Urgency

Dumaine’s central theme is that Jeff Bezos focuses Amazon on customer service. “Bezonomics,” Dumaine contends, is the accumulation and analysis of customer data to drive growth and innovation. Amazon attracts buyers who attract sellers. More sellers bring a greater selection of merchandise, which draws more buyers – usually Amazon Prime members.

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