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Boss Ladies

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Boss Ladies


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If you don’t have a woman on your board of directors, your company is at a competitive disadvantage.

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Corporations are increasingly realizing that diversity within boards of directors is a critical factor of success, yet many male-dominated boards struggle to infuse their old boys’ clubs with heterogeneity. Business executives Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Susan Lyne and Rick Stollmeyer, along with business editor Jessi Hempel, discuss this phenomenon and underline the role female leadership plays in business success. While some white male detractors may play the affirmative action card, getAbstract believes this intelligent, informative and provocative conversation will convince corporate executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists of the value of diversity in leadership.


Just 20% of S&P 500 firms boast a female board member. Happily, corporations are becoming increasingly aware that companies with uniform boards of directors perform worse than those with diverse boards. The Boardlist, a premium “curated marketplace” where venture capitalists and executives can nominate and endorse capable female leaders for “board service,” offers a solution. This “highly vetted database” of female leaders both increases the supply of and fuels the demand for talented female board members, broadening the boardroom talent pool.


About the Speakers

Jessi Hempel is the head of editorial at a technology publication. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy is founder of the Boardlist. Susan Lyne is president of a venture capital fund. Rick Stollmeyer is CEO of a software firm.

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