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Business Outside

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Business Outside

Discover Your Path Forward

Bart Foster,

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What's inside?

Stop letting your career and life happen to you and start embodying the version of yourself you want to be.

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While many corporate leaders appear to lead happy and successful lives, many aren’t living intentionally, says Bart Foster. Stop viewing yourself as a person to whom life happens, he urges; you have the agency to create your own life. Foster offers science-inspired tools that can help you identify and address limiting beliefs and patterns so you can build the life of your dreams. Foster’s BusinessOutside approach encourages you to work “outside” – literally and metaphorically – by moving corporate work into the natural world and outside outdated corporate and social norms.


Transform your corporate culture, eschewing dated norms and taking business outdoors.

Your body isn’t designed to spend most of the day sitting inside in front of a screen, yet corporate culture has normalized solitary computer work. While the COVID-19 pandemic provided many knowledge workers with some autonomy to manage their workday independently and, thus, work more productively, it also led to prolonged screen times and increased social isolation. To counter these issues and reclaim your work life, embrace BusinessOutside. This new concept encourages you to spend more of your workday in nature, nurturing authentic connections and disrupting the corporate norms preventing you from embracing your full career potential.

You can start switching to a BusinessOutside approach by doing any of the following:

  1. Book outdoor space – Just as you’d book a meeting room, “book” a spot in nature (for example, a park picnic table).
  2. Normalize walking meetings – Team members can walk and talk together outside or separately, communicating via smartphones or even walkie...

About the Author

Bart Foster is the founder and CEO of the facilitation and training company BusinessOutside. He started his career as an entrepreneur and global executive at Kellogg’s and Novartis.

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