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No one can manage time – everyone gets the same 24 hours each day. Productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says to focus instead on managing your attention because what you focus on daily will govern what you accomplish. She explains how to organize yourself to deal with the activities that matter most. And, she discusses strategies you can use to be more productive under the rubric “Empowered Productivity System.” The caveat is that her advice adds up as more of a philosophical approach applied by heeding some practical recommendations than as a step-by-step linear system. So while that misnomer may lead you to expect a literal 1-2-3 system, that’s not exactly what you’ll find. However, her manual delivers quite well on the more important promise in its title: Thomas’s “productivity secrets” are very solid. getAbstract recommends her tactics to everyone who wants to become more productive.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why attention management, not time management, is the key to personal productivity and
  • How the “Empowered Productivity System” can help you.

About the Author

Maura Nevel Thomas developed the Empowered Productivity System and founded, a productivity training company. She blogs on productivity issues.



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    joy wang 1 year ago
    #30DaysOfSummaries These are operational methods, which seems a lot of patience is needed to make them happen.
  • Avatar
    Ashish Agarwal 1 year ago
    The big question from this summary is: what to do about the urgent but unimportant tasks - Trust God?
  • Avatar
    Bawaney Samuel 2 years ago
    Hi, agreed with others, I found this book is very interesting and giving a good input for us especially on multitasking time management. I definitely will go for more books in this library.
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    Cliff Albert 5 years ago
    I found this book to be an interesting perspective on the historical concept of time management. In reality, the summary is dead on. Focusing on priorities and how you apply your attention describes what's necessary to be productive in a very clear way.
  • Avatar
    Sandra Kessler 5 years ago
  • Avatar
    Don Hall 6 years ago
    I liked it okay, but doubt that I will look further into it at this time. Maybe if I see another recommendation, I might go to that section of the local library and look at one or two of her "secrets," as in take a bite of the "candy."
    Don, DH & Associates, ISO

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