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How to Build a Stronger You

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The Confidence Plan book summary
Align your thoughts, feelings, actions, relationships and spiritual core to create a stronger, more confident you!


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No matter how successful you are - or aren’t - this book can have a substantial impact on your self-confidence and your life. getAbstract recommends reading it and doing its confidence-boosting exercises. If you’re an avid reader of self-help books, chances are you won’t discover any huge new "secrets" here. Read it anyway. Author Tim Ursiny delivers a complete, easy-to-follow plan for rediscovering yourself and becoming truly confident. With short, easy-to-read chapters, and entertaining stories you can relate to, it is enjoyable from start to finish. It is also immensely practical, hands-on and right on target.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to use five sets of strategies and techniques to increase your self-confidence;
  • How positive thinking can raise your confidence; and
  • How living with purpose can improve your self-assurance and make your life more significant and meaningful.


Everyone Can Use More Confidence
Self-confidence is your belief in yourself. It’s freedom from doubting your abilities, talents, gifts and instincts. Increased confidence can benefit you in every realm of your life. Of course, everyone has doubts, at least, occasionally. That’s normal. (...
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About the Author

Tim Ursiny, Ph.D., is the founder of a consulting firm. He works as a trainer and coach with corporate executives and employees to help them develop confidence and improve their performance and communication skills. He also wrote The Coward’s Guide to Conflict.

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