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Conversations That Sell

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Conversations That Sell

Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count


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Master the skills of collaborative conversation to transform prospects into buyers.

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Do you ever wonder why some sales professionals close their deals every time, while equally committed sales reps falter and fall by the wayside? Sales training consultant Nancy Bleeke explains what the best salespeople know that you might not. She details how knowledge, perception, insight and good communication skills come together to create compelling sales discussions and why you should use them to win with buyers, one conversation at a time. Bleeke offers a wealth of highly useful information, including – on her website – a useful, two-page sales-preparation form, the “Quick Prep Tool.” Although her awkward acronyms and their labored explanations can be somewhat annoying, getAbstract suggests that sales managers and salespeople – especially neophytes – will benefit from her knowledgeable insights.


The Collaborative Salesperson

No potential buyer enjoys being the target of selling, but a good salesperson can turn that feeling around by being an informative collaborator who is focused on the client’s goals.

In the past, buyers had to depend on salespeople to obtain product information. Today, in most fields, clients can use the Internet for their own research. Since many product and service options are now only a click away, buyers often commoditize by opting for the cheapest price and easiest purchasing routine. Yet salespeople remain necessary and relevant. The sales profession is not in decline. As of 2010, more than 13.4 million salespeople were at work in the United States.

Sales professionals research the marketplace. They cold call. They inquire about budgets. They send emails. They make presentations. They tout the features and benefits of their products and services. Over and over, they follow up. Meanwhile, buyers basically want to protect themselves from any sales onslaught. They especially shun pushy salespeople. Today’s customers want to work with salespeople who take a more elevated approach, function as invaluable informational resources and...

About the Author

Nancy Bleeke is the president of Sales Pro Insider.

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