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Carl SaganBallantine • 2013

Passionate, Poetic Science

by David Meyer

Writer, professor, astronomer and NASA adviser Carl Sagan explains the universe and humanity’s place in it.

Renowned writer, professor, astronomer and NASA adviser, the late Carl Sagan – a lover of science and nature – was full of wonder. For decades, Sagan was outer space for readers and viewers everywhere. A best-selling author, a regular on talk shows and on his own broadcasts, Sagan became an Earth-bound Obi-Wan Kenobi, explaining and marveling at the universe for an audience that – over decades – grew up or grew older with Sagan as a constant presence. Sagan was a showman, too, and at times could appear slick or glib, but his passion for outer space and for persuading humans to take a more universal and less angry view of existence never lessened.

This classic provides a synthesis of existing scientific knowledge of cosmology. It’s also Sagan’s love letter to the universe: a heartfelt, engaging and poetic exploration in which he shares his love and knowledge through prose and an astonishing array of deep-space photographs, illustrations, charts and graphs.

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