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Creative Calling

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Creative Calling

Establish a Daily Practice, Infuse Your World with Meaning, and Succeed in Work and Life


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Unleash your creativity to channel a new source of personal power.

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Award-winning photographer Chase Jarvis believes anyone can be creative. Jarvis teaches you to overcome the obstacles blocking your creativity, such as self-limiting beliefs and fear of failure. He offers concrete steps and practical advice for anyone seeking to adopt a structured creative practice. His advice will help hobbyists, stuck creatives – or anyone who wants to further their creativity – listen to their creative calling and cultivate a creative mind-set.


Creativity is everywhere – not just in art – and you have creativity in you.

Everyone is born creative, but few people unleash their full creative potential. Some people will tell you that pursuing your creativity is impractical or self-indulgent, but creativity brings benefits. Being creative means rearranging or combining things in ways that are novel, unexpected and/or useful. Being creative doesn’t only mean being an artist in a traditional sense – creativity benefits other areas of your life, whether it’s raising a family, coding or cooking. Opening yourself to creativity requires cultivating a creative mind-set. This will endow you with a new personal power as you gain the tools to create the life you want.

Align yourself with your creative calling by following the four “IDEA” steps:

  1. Imagine what you’d like to create, freely and without judgment.
  2. Design structured plans – schedule studio time, set deadlines – to achieve your creative goals.
  3. Execute your plan and eliminate obstacles to your creativity.
  4. Amplify your creative vision by connecting with other collaborators, your creative communities and your personal audience...

About the Author

Award-winning photographer, entrepreneur and best-selling author Chase Jarvis shot campaigns for Apple, Red Bull and Nike working with world-class athletes and renowned icons. Chase is the Founder of CreativeLive, the premier source for creativity online classes. He also created Best Camera, the first photo app to share images on social networks.

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