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Building Corporate Culture in the Connected Workplace


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You’ve hired your virtual workers and built your virtual company. No how about your virtual culture?

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Recommendation is at its best when it describes the effect that the Internet revolution is having on the corporate cultures of modern business. Of special merit are the book’s lists of suggestions that managers and human resource executives can follow in attempting to develop a new culture that adequately addresses the changes and strains brought on by the rise of the virtual revolution. Also intriguing is the book’s analysis of the dangerous transition period in which companies shift from old cultures to dot-com cultures. While the book is less effective in its look at the more general trends of technology, business and leadership, getAbstract nevertheless recommends it for its innovative take on virtual corporate culture.


Virtual Culture

As traditional organizations transform themselves into e-business enterprises, a massive shift in business strategy and infrastructure comes along for the ride. With this comes a transformation in corporate culture that can help companies succeed in carrying out their business strategies in a connected business world. Every organization’s culture must fit the demands of the connected workplace. The clicks-and-mortar world of the traditional company that also does business online will have to adapt to this new or find itself out of business. is a moving target. No one knows for sure what will happen or how to make it all work. In many ways, we are all living in the middle of a grand experiment. The best sources for information about how virtual connections are changing corporate culture are people who are living through these changes right now. By looking at what worries them, what they are trying to do to change their enterprises and what has them stumped at the present time, you can learn from their hits and misses.

Nine culture challenges face the virtual organization:

  1. Making the ...

About the Authors

Peg Neuhauser has been an organizational consultant and speaker for more than 18 years. Her company, PCN Associates, works with clients in many industries. She is the author of two other books, Tribal Warfare in Organizations and Corporate Legends and Lore. Ray Bendor, Ph.D. is a speaker and consultant. Prior to establishing his own company, he was Vice President and Research Director for executive programs at the Gartner Group. Kirk Stromberg is a managing partner at StarCompass Group, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in organizational and individual change.

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